Jellyfish Theatre Company's International Work

Learning English through Theatre Season 2018/2019

  • A Christmas Carol

  • Dracula

  • The Jungle Book

A Christmas Carol
Adapted from Charles Dickens' classic tale.

Comedy and laughter build rapport with the actors and encourage learners to listen.

It was easy to understand and very funny.
— Audience member, Teatro Sala Umberto, Rome

Visual, physical storytelling theatre engages learners and helps them understand the dialogue. We also provide a pack of fun activities and key vocabulary for teachers to use in the classroom to support each show.

Language learning outside your classroom

Combine a fun trip to the theatre with a valid and meaningful learning opportunity.

Hear natural English spoken

Professional actors. Clear, natural English. A fantastic live listening opportunity for learners.

Build cross-cultural understanding

Contemporary, comic and thought-provoking adaptations of classic novels and traditional fairy tales. First-hand experience of authentic, live British theatre. . 

Meet the actors

At the end of each performance students (and teachers) have the chance to talk to the actors in English.   You can ask questions about the script, the rehearsal process, the performance,  how they became actors. and their lives in the UK... and anything else you can think of.  

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What audiences say about Jellyfish Theatre

Per me e emozionante e molto molto ingegnoso.
(I thought it was exciting and really original)
Mi e piaciuto molto il modo con cui gli attori hanno interaggito con noi ragazzi
(I really liked the way the actors interacted with us kids)
Era divertitentissimo
(It was hilarious)
Perche e stata una bella esperienza per comprendere l’inglese
(Because it was a nice way to understand English)
Molto bello lo spettacolo. Continuate cosi!
(Very good show. Carry on like this!)
Era comprensibile ed era molto divertente
(It was easy to understand and very funny)
Lo spettacolo me e piaciuto molto, soprattutto nel far partecipare anche il pubblico
(I liked the show a lot, especially when the audience joined in)